Monday, April 21, 2008

Hot Low Backs and ABC™

With regard to the new Advanced Biostructural Correction™ practitioner Brian's question on using the ABC™ protocol on a hot low back:


Expect phenomenal result with normal protocol - the ice, etc
is so minimal in comparison - you CAN do L5 even a bit at the beginning - the most
pain is with the roll back for sitting L5 so do it the best you can - you can even start with them supine and roll them sideways.

Pete Kewin
London, Ontario

Another experienced ABC™ practitioner:  (By the way, Claire is about 5 feet tall and gets everything done, even on big guys)

Hey Brian,

I'm pretty new to ABC™ too but have been doing it now for 6 months or so.

I love a nice hot disc/acute low back case because when they used to come in I'd cower like all the other chiros do when a hot disc comes in - now I love it because they notice a big change before and immediately after and they love you for it. And you really do get dramatic results. Just be patient with the time it takes to get them into the anterior MR (some you may have to wait until they stop crying) and talk to them the whole time so they know that you know what you are doing because they are generally pretty scared and will loosen up more as you talk with them and calm them down.

I get them to ice 10 mins per hour for the rest of the evening and see them the next day or within 3 days depending on how hot they are but it does not seem to matter if they do it once or more or not at all.

The hottest disc I had checked herself out of hospital and was wearing a nappy (she had loss of bladder control at one stage due to the pain) and begged me for treatment. I was petrified and not prepared at all to touch her and she was a big girl (and i'm pretty small) but I had to help her out so i just did as much of the Advanced BioStructural Correction™ protocol as I could manage (which was a lateral MR and down to her thoraco/lumbar junction and then ice,ice,ice). She was crying a lot of it and begging me to help her but she got the usual lot of relief everyone seems to get with ABC™.

I left her in one room and went in and out between patients and did a release here and there until she started feeling better. I had her in the next day and she was amazed. Of course she had a long long way to go but my aim was to get her on a plane back to Australia (which I managed to do with the two days she gave me!). Hence I never knew what happened to her once her chiro back home got ahold of her.

I never even got through the whole ABC™ protocol in the two treatments she had but even just the MR's gave her enough relief to get going (and to take off the nappy).
Hope this helps,

One more:


YES do the protocol. It may be difficult to get them thru it, but the results with the ABC™ protocol are magnificent. You can get people with disc problems out of acute severe pain in 48 to 72 hours. Treat at least twice a day. Five hours apart is good. I have them ice in between, 20 minutes every hour. It helps with the swelling and pain. just a bit It also gives them something to do.

Also, the only acute/”hot” low back patients that I have not been able to help, were people that either had a really bad disc situation (For example: A piece of the disc floating in the canal which ABC™ is not designed to fix, or a huge herniation that left absolutely no room for the cauda equina.)

Or, they absolutely would not listen to sitting, sleeping, standing instructions. The SSS instructions are absolutely critical. They must sit and lay on firm surfaces and they can’t wear orthotics.

Take the flexion distraction table and sell it to some sucker down the road from you who won’t learn ABC™ !!

Paul Kramer DC
outside Milwalkee, WI

Hot Low Backs and Advanced BioStructural Correction™ 3 days and gone Max says Dr. Gremaud

Here are a set of posts from a new ABC™ practitioners and responses from experienced ABC™ practitioners:

Has anyone attempted ABC™ on an acute/hot low back/disc?
Did you still do the entire protocol or just the Meningeal Releases?
Since there is inflammation there, would you just do MRs only?
and what were the results....???

I tried ABC™ on someone today. My first hot disc/low back doing ABC
on. They did end up walking and standing better but it was difficult getting the protocol done because of their pain at the beginning.

Here's the deal...Do I wait for the inflammation to go down on any
problems before doing ABC™ or do I just do the entire protocol?
What is the best approach to something like this again??? flex/distract the
low back and ice first then ABC™? no ABC™, just ice and flex/distract,
then do ABC™ another day? I want to know what's worked for ANY OF YOU.


Answers from experienced ABC™ practitioners:

Many applications to hot low backs.
Always difficulty getting to the best position in the beginning because they are swollen and in pain, so you get to the best position you can get to do the releases and do your best.

AFTER you do the best you can with the ABC™ protocol the swelling goes down fastest. Therefore, YOU NEVER WAIT FOR THE SWELLING TO GO DOWN, but treat and then wait a few hours for some swelling to go down and treat again 2 or 3 times a day if possible.

That is what works phenomenally well and gets the patients just about out of pain within a day or two.

Swelling only persists because of the misalignment and stretching of the tissues. Fix the best possible, swelling goes down a bit and fix more etc. as best you can.
Dr. J

Another Practitioner:

   You can have them leave their knees flexed while doing anterior lumbars if need be.....
also, if they are real bad, you can have them straddle the narrow end of the table [on mine, they can rest their feet on the armrests, facing the head end of the table].
   If you don't have a table with a narrower end, you can just have them sit on the end of the table, legs hanging off and do the lumbars that way. If they are in real bad shape, you can have an assistant help bring their knees back with them as you roll them back onto your properly placed fist.
   Each time you run them through the protocol, they should see/feel/ notice improvement in pain level, function/ movement, and ability to stand up straighter.
   Have them go outside and walk around (making sure their shoes are reasonably flat)and come back in awhile.
   Within 3 days (at the most) most of these people will love you. If it takes longer than that call Dr. Jutkowitz, and get your application of ABC™ checked.

Pierre Gremaud, DC
Spinal Wellness Center of Ithaca
Ithaca, NY

other practitioners follow on later blogs