Saturday, December 29, 2007

Some people did not get it from the last post

I had some people ask me about the data in the last post.

Reread that quote from Breig's book, Skull Traction and Cervical Cord Injury.

Here it is:

Verlaag, Sweeden ------- 8   Therapeutic Breadth of Surgically Secured Spinal Cord Relaxation
Clinical experience with CLD (this is the operation in which Breig screws a ribbon to the head, threads it down to the thoracics, pulls the head into slight extension and ties off the ribbon to keep the head in slight extension and keep the cord and brainstem slack) over several years has confirmed that surgically  secured slackening of the spinal cord can remove obstacles to the  transmission of impulses along medullary pathways and can relieve  neurological deficit, whether elicited by an offending lesion in the  immediate vicinity of the cervical cord or by a lesion within its tissue.  Besides slackening of overstretched nerve fibres, spinal cord relaxation also  contributes to restoration of cord conductivity by increasing the oxygenation  of medullary tissue, since it causes widening of the lumina of  overstretched/constricted small blood vessels [37]; improved conductivity can  be traced and followed by recording of evoked potentials. ........
The short story is that Breig made if plain that flexion of the spine or any part of it causes stretching of the cord and brainstem which gives rise to the neurological symptoms AND that those neurological effects and symptoms were consistently and predictably eliminated by the change in structure.
Only Advanced BioStructural Correction™ consistently and predictably makes the changes that reduce cord tension in human bodies. No one else even comes close to claiming it and no one says we cannot.  Get Advanced BioStructural Correction™ at

Laughing at the stupidity of some people

I had a question from a doc who had read a criticism by Dr. Rob Ward of an article I wrote over 10 years ago.

The funny thing is that Dr. Rob Ward read the wrong reference and misinterpreted the one he did read.

I posted a correction way back in 1999. when Dr. Ward read it he just insisted he was right with no bother or check, that is either stupidity or negligence. And to think this guy is teaching chiros now. No wonder they come out of school so mixed up.

Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1999 13:04:30 EST  
Subject: Breig wrote  
It has been pointed out that there is a message from Rob Ward in your  archives that when I said Dr. Alf Breig noted that Multiple Sclerosis and ALS  were mechanical and not enqymatic (genetic) or alergenic (autoimmune) in  origin I was incorrect and Breig did not say this.  If you will note Rob says he very closely read Alf Breig's text. The  difficulty is that he read the wrong book. The book he read was the  preliminary research.  
Here are a few pages from the book Alf Breig wrote and published 11 years  later after an additional decade of research.  
Note that even in the medical community there were people who would not  accept the objective, reproducable clinical observations.  
This is one of  those cases like when Harvey came out with the idea that blood was pumped by  the heart rather than moved through the body like the tides of the sea.  Doctors said it could not be possible and that they would rather be wrong  with Galen (the tide theory guy) than right with Harvey.  Chiropractic properly applied can consistently and predictably achieve the  miraculous results now only occasionally noticed.  Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz  
From   SKULL TRACTION AND CERVICAL CORD INJURY : Breig, 1989, Springer  Verlaag, Sweeden ------- 8   
Therapeutic Breadth of Surgically Secured Spinal Cord Relaxation 
Clinical experience with CLD over several years has confirmed that surgically  secured slackening of the spinal cord can remove obstacles to the  transmission of impulses along medullary pathways and can relieve  neurological deficit, whether elicited by an offending lesion in the  immediate vicinity of the cervical cord or by a lesion within its tissue.  Besides slackening of overstretched nerve fibres, spinal cord relaxation also  contributes to restoration of cord conductivity by increasing the oxygenation  of medullary tissue, since it causes widening of the lumina of  overstretched/constricted small blood vessels [37]; improved conductivity can  be traced and followed by recording of evoked potentials. ........   ----------

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Importance of Live Seminars by Dr. Joe Labbadia, DC

Hello all,
    I just wanted to write a quick note about my experience at this past weekends live seminar. 

    I have been using Advanced BioStructural Correction for about the last year just from the Home Seminar Program. I have gotten very good results with consistency which is well beyond what I have ever gotten with anything else. Sometimes though I have been frustrated. 

   I think that on some level even though I kept reading that the Meningeal Releases (MR) would do wonderful things if done fully I now know that I did not fully believe that. After having a fantastic treatment by Dr. Pierre Gremaud from Ithaca (Thank you again) with some very deep MRs not only did I realize that it didn't hurt, I also realized that shoulder pain that I had been experiencing for the past month (due to sloppy technique on a  taller patient) was totally gone. Today I went to the gym for the first time in about a month to lift and I felt great. I had thought I had a slight seperation of my AC joint but the pain and weakness were getting so bad, I thought I was going to have to start doing some instrument adjusting to save myself. What Dr. Jutkowitz says at is totally true.

   If you have not gotten the Advanced BioStructural Correction Home Seminar Program you need to get it and GET IT NOW ( Then, after going through it thoroughly get to a live seminar. The tips received and especially the adjustments were invaluable and I must say that if anyone hasn't been to a live seminar yet, get there as fast as possible. I can tell already that the experience has helped to give me a lot more reality with Advanced BioStructural Correction and improved my adjusting immensely. I am sure there is plenty of room to grow but what a leap that was. Looking forward to the next one I can attend. Just thought I would share my experience with everyone.

By the way, get the Home Seminar first, then you will get tons more out of the live seminar.

Joe Labbadia, DC
Calverton, NY

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

ABC™ gives advice

Here is a question and answer set of posts from the Advanced BioStructural Correction™ practitioners' site:

Subject: [ABC™] how long should an adjustment take?

Dear group:

I'm a new to ABC™ and have seen many of my patients that have plateaued further improve which is great. However I see between 40 and 50 patient a day and I take to long with the ABC™ tech so I cant start them all on it till I get faster. What is the range of time it takes different patients , young , old , new, established? And how easy is it to see the head tilt when you check for it , sometimes it is obvious and sometimes not? I just need a little encouragement and direction.

Answer not from Dr. J:

Mark, Welcome!
I'm in Leesburg. Come up for a visit if you need an adjustment or some help. Been doing ABC™ for about 5-6 years now. I see anywhere from 50 to 75 pts a day...all ABC™ (all cash, too).

™ will seperate you from the rest of the Docs in your area so you can get rid of insurance. People will pay for results! You'll get results like never before. Go for technical competence right now...speed comes from repetition and just doing the protocol rather than stopping to question yourself. Normally it takes 4 and a half minutes.

During "Peak Time" I can rock through the protocol in 3-4 minutes. Again, be precise and over a short time you'll get faster.

 ..................Want to get those wonderful results? Go to Advanced BioStructural Correction
Dr. Pete Hilgartner
Hilgartner Chiropractic Clinic, P.C.
102 Dry Mill Rd., Suite 102
Leesburg, VA 20175

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

From Dr. Gemaud in Ithaca, NY ------ Large CASH PRACTICE can be made with Advanced BioStructural Correction™

I received this from Dr. Gremaud who has a large cash practice and was helping other docs.

Want to get the results below that allow you to have an all cash practice? go to

The email to Dr. Gremaud from Dr. Margolies who sends a weekly email to many docs was entitled:
E-mail message this week .. Insurance or No Insurance

The question was:
The question is simple, “I did not join any networks and the phone is ringing less and less. What can be done to overcome this problem?” I know there are many DC’s reading this that are more than happy to be out of network and haven’t felt the heat of despair that some have. Many of you have cash practices, either because you just graduated or decided this is the way to go.

Dr. Gremaud (address and phone below) wrote this:

Dr. J,
I decided to spend an hour answering a call for help from Dr. Joel Margolies weekly email for DC's, you might be interested.

Here is my text in its entirety:

Dear Dr. Joel and others Docs,

The answer to all these types of questions is extremely simple.

Learn how to CONSISTENTLY deliver the service that you say you can deleiver, and people will beat a path to your door.
REALLY. I have a waiting list practice filled with college educated people who happily pay 3 to 6 thousand dollars for a year of care because they can see and feel and are tested for the changes. Prior to coming in to the office, they had no idea that these changes were even possible.

There is no need for scams, or hyperbole, or over-promising, or gimmicks, ANY MORE THAN AN EXCELLENT DENTIST NEEDS TO RESORT TO THESE THINGS. Nor is the any need to discount your fee, when your office is filled with satisfied educated customers and with photos and scans and testimonials from same. I have referral streams from doctors and PT's who are happy to send patients for whom they realize they have no answer. the the "script" becomes,
" Sorry, we don't take your insurance, because they don't even know this type of work is even possible, and so your policy is not set up to pay for it."

Most of you reading this will think i am blowing smoke or making this up because you are so used to being bombarded with BS in journals , etc. Trust me: there is no need to manipulate people when you can regularly deliver the service they are despeately looking for for themselves and their family. There are hundreds of other doctors ethically and enthusiastically andhappily doing what i am doing.

I would ask anyone who can believe this to be possible, and who is interested in OBJECTIVELY assessing new information, to click on the following link and begin his or her quest for the information and clinical skills to make themselves as comfortable and profitable as the best dentist/orthodontit/internist in their town.

The link is
Advanced Biostructural Correction
- Guaranteed Results for structural treatment of the body.

Having done this for years, I already know what will happen here. Most people will not check it out. 8 out of 10 who do will reject what is presented either out of hand, or find some aspect of the offer objectionable to them. There will be only one out of ten people who even read the material who will pursue the educational quest necessary.
I can tell you with full authority, that within 3 months, that person will be very very happy they did so. I feel blessed that not only have i helped a lot of wonderful people directly with spinal care, but i have helped thousands of others by sticking y neck out like i am doing here to help get the word out to other chiropractors.

Best wishes to you.


Pierre Gremaud, DC
Spinal Wellness Center of Ithaca

Stop waiting get click here

Advanced BioStructural CorrectionNOW! Price going back to normal Nov. 30

Ithaca, NY
(607) 277-2570

Monday, November 12, 2007

Does breathing really change or is that just some promotional exaggeration.

I had several practitioners ask me if the changes in the breathing I had mentioned in a previous blog post were truly a regular occurrence or just something that happened once or twice and now we brag about it.

The breathing capacity changes consistently and predictably on everyone AND, if you measure it and show it to people you can get referrals.

Read this email from a practitioner who just has the Home Seminar:
Dr. J

I use Advanced BioStructural Correction™ as my primary technique now. I still enjoy reading these e mails, so thanks for sending them.

I have been using a spirometer to measure some patients lung capacity pre and post treatment. Today we had a woman 5'5" who pre treatment exhaled 1900 cc (58% max) and 3000 cc post treatment (91%). And that was without the 1st rib adjustment.

She was very excited about this and told me she was going to tell her friend about it this evening. Looking forward to getting more referrals with ABC™.

Robert Ebeling, D.C.

He just took me at my word and paid for his spirometer in one visit of a patient.

Want to get that type of result consistently and predictably? Get Advanced BioStructural Correction™ click here and then hit Ebay and buy up all those used spirometers to test your patients and get referrals. I will be writing a protocol for it and publishing a research study so let me know if you get one.

Dr. J

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Earning the Big Bucks Just Because You Are Effective and Willing to Communicate

Do you remember the blog of September 3, 2007?

It is at this link: increasing-referals-and-patient.html

Especially read this part, "Fortunately, Advanced BioStructural Correction™ practitioners do not have to wait for patients to notice change. Highly noticeable changes start IMMEDIATELY with the first visit and even before the first visit ends. Hell, you can create more NOTICEABLE TO THE PATIENT improvement in a person’s structure with the First Rib Maneuver™ in a minute or so with a patient than any other structural healing method in any profession can make in years. What this means for patient compliance and patient management AND PATIENT REFERRALS is huge"

Today I received this email from Dr. Larremore a brand new Advanced BioStructural Correction™ practitioner who ordered the home seminar on
Dr. J,
I went around town one day doing 1st rib (as suggested in the Patient Communication CDs) and one lady had coughed for weeks, been on antibiotics from the MD nothing worked. I stood her against the emergency exit door where people could see in the Dollar General and did the First Rib Maneuver™. She stopped coughing completely. She got my name and number.

Before I got out the door another lady said her wrist wouldn't stop hurting, been on pain pills. I did wrist, elbow, shoulders, 1st rib and guess what? lol.

(Note he was at the Dollar store, an inexpensive place to meet someone who needs your services.)

(Note: the word "lunger" is defined as [luhng-er] –noun Informal. a person who has chronic lung disease, esp. tuberculosis.) Read on:

Then I went to Ace hardware next door and another lunger was helping me and was afraid to shake my hand because of I told him i dont get I put him against the door, did the FRM and he stopped coughing also.

You are right, you can make a bunch of money buying $1 items during lunch. I now believe your, I made $20,000 in one night stories.

I am taking this stuff in slow but it makes alot of sense to me. So far i am okay 100%.

Last night I did a sports physical on a kid and the grandparents came. I asked if I could adjust the kid and they were cool about it so I did 1st rib also. They freaked out because they noticed a sudden change in the grandson's posture and facial color. So, I told the Gparents stand up against the wall and tested their bodies. They could not squat or take a good breath but after I did the 1st rib on them they were completely amazed and gave me extra money for that. They will be back! Darrin

Want to get those types of results and have referrals pour in? Go to and order the Home Seminar. To get the Patient Communication CDs, get the entire package, not the basic.

Sincerely, Dr. Jutkowitz

Monday, November 5, 2007

It is not just something Dr. Jutkowitz says...

This is a post from Dr. Bruneau to the Advanced BioStructural Correction™ doctors only site that has to do with the fact that people who get treated with Advanced BioStructural Correction™ are healthy beyond the normal considerations of healthy and do not have the usual or what some call "normal" bad reactions to injuries. Want to get those results you see in the pictures and more? Go to and order now.

This is especially true once a person's body had undergone a significant period of unwinding is well into correction.

This post is from Dr. Bruneau has to do with a lack of bruising:
From Dr. Bruneau

Hi everybody!

I need to share a few weird things that have been happening.

My roomate was out Saturday night, someone fell on her causing her to trip, and fall backwards on a metal pipe that goes around the bar. By the time she got home, she was crying and screaming pretty bad because of the pain. I put some ice on there and started to just look at what is going on. Well, she couldn't move there was too much pain. I suspected a fractured pelvis. Anyway the trip to the ER at 2am was wonderful and revealed...NO FRACTURE. OK. So we can start adjusting. She was pumped full of meds and sent back home. With a lot of help including doc Hofer, we got her to walking (assisted) that next day. 2 days later she was walking UNassisted. She was back to work yesterday and off drugs.

ok, WHAT'S MY POINT: THE WEIRD THING IS, SHE HAS NO BRUISING WHATSOEVER!!!! The slam that she got should have resulted in a break or at least a big bruise, but no. What the heck??

Other story: this past winter, one of my old patients, slipped and
fell on the ice. Slipping is understating it; airborne is more like it. Terry fell flat on his back (ribs) and came to see me a couple hours later. Nothing broken, no bruising. He's like 70!!! He didn't break a bone???? Again, WHAT THE HECK???

So in both of theses case, their bodies were unwound enough (they have been previously under care) that they didn't explode. They had room to twist and compensate to take the blow. Versus a person that is wound up so tight that when they fall, there is no room to compensate, so their body just explode (fracture).

Anyway, i just wanted to talk about it, I guess. No reason, I'm just in awe today...

Want to get those types of results.. OH WAIT, here is a follow up from Dr. Tim Swindler (it his real name, I would make up something better if it wasn't)

Not weird at all in my experience. People who have undergone ABC treatment (including myself) are more resistant to injury. I was rear-ended last year. Started to feel the usual tightening up in my lower neck, but next day I was fine. I continued with my normal schedule of treatment with no problems.

As I was saying, want to get those results CONSISTENTLY AND PREDICTABLY? go to and get the home seminar, then follow with a live seminar.

I do not make these things up, they are what truly happens when practitioners apply
Advanced BioStructural Correction™ as taught in the home seminar.

Dr. Jutkowitz

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

That great testimonial from the last post that does not pop up

"Life is Great!"

I have had a great week since getting the Advanced BioStructural Correction™ Home Seminar. Folks are excited, very excited!! And, MY PRACTICE IS WAY UP. I have been really surprised. People come walking in, no calling, just there because so and so said I had to come see you.

This HAS NEVER HAPPENED TO ME BEFORE. My patients are so happy with the results of Advanced BioStructural Correction™ they sent their families and friends just about immediately. I guess it is true that patients will notice and refer.

Patients are thrilled and my practice is way up which means I'm much more fun to live with - so says my wife. I'm again excited to tell people I'm a chiropractor because now I can consistently get the results promised.

I had not realized how miserable I was not being able to accomplish what I was telling people they should get as results. Life is great- Thanks ABC™.

Maybe a little melodramatic but honestly I feel such a weight removed when people can share in the experience that their body is changing, not just what I tell them.
Thank you Dr. Jesse!!!"

Dr. Mike Order Advanced BioStructural Correction™ here. You will be thrilled you did.

Short comment on the last blog from Dr. Greg

Hey Jesse,
Loved the Blog on Monday. People are still talking about you. Thanks again.

I have asked Dr. Greg for some details so you can hear directly from him.

Dr. J

By the way, the other part of last week that was so interesting was a patient, Ronnie. This guy had been a patient for a few years in the 1990's. He traveled on cruise ships (musician) so he came in 12 or so times for a month and was gone for 5 or so months and then back in. When I left for California in 1997 he was fine and not coming much at all except for one time or so after a cruise. He was in a small accident in 2003 and was hurting just a bit. Since I was not around he decided to try another chiropractor.

When he came to me last week he could no longer lay flat on his back and hurt all over. (His exact words on the phone were, "Thank God I found you.") It took three treatments before he was laying flat on his back with no extension.

I do not know what the other doc did besides P-toA on his thoracics and rotationals on his cervicals and lumbars but if you do not think you can hurt people doing those things -- think again and then learn Advanced BioStructural Correction and fix them instead of just moving things around and hoping they get better. Click here for a great testimonial.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Wow it works the way he says it does!! Patients will pay the hell with insurance.

Last week was an interesting one for a few reasons.

The best ones came on Friday. I did an in-office consultation for a father-son doc team. The father, Greg, has been a practitioner (chiro) forever, 30+ years. The son (Brett) has been practicing about 6 years.

By they way, they don't even call it ABC™, according the office manager (Greg's wife Deb) they just call it "that fantastic Jutkowitz stuff" or just "Jutkowitz" as in, "do Jutkowitz on him". Dr. Greg had taken the Home Advanced BioStructural Correction™ seminar and then done the live a few years ago and tried to teach it to Brett when he entered the practice.

Greg was getting fantastic results but he knew he was not getting the results he should from some of the descriptions on the
Advanced BioStructural Correction™ doctors' only site. Greg also knew that Brett had so much conflicting information from chiropractic school he could not understand that you actually can consistently get the results chiropractic school implies you should get all the time.

The simplicity and effectiveness of
Advanced BioStructural Correction was just beyond Brett because of all the chiropractic junk he was taught.

The solution was to get Brett the
Advanced BioStructural Correction™ Home Seminar and have me to the office and debunk the junk. Greg went to the ABC site click here, he got Brett the seminar and signed up for an in-office.

I arrived late Thursday night and met them at the hotel to cover some preliminary stuff. Wouldn't you know it but as I was walking to the room I noticed the custodian was slumped over and having trouble breathing. I asked him if he knew he was having trouble breathing. Maurice answered that he did and that he had asthma.

Needing a demonstration subject, I asked him if he wanted to be able to breathe much better ? He asked if I was a doctor. I said yes, and that I was teaching the doctors out front in the lobby and could do a demonstration on him. He would breathe better that night right there and his shoulders would stop slumping forward with no work by him. He looked at me both, like a desperate man whose prayers might be answered, and just a bit skeptically and said yes.

I did not know it but as I put my things in the room he went out front and told the two front desk women they were about to view a medical miracle. I went out to the lobby and introduced Dr. Greg, Dr. Brett and Deb to my old friend from 2 minutes ago, Maurice.

I went through the same exact routine I describe in the
Advanced BioStructural Correction™ Patient Communication CDs, even having the front desk women check his posture and breathing before doing the First Rib Maneuversee this link.

I told them all I was going to do "Structural Correction" on Maurice and his posture would stay upright all by itself and his breathing would improve greatly and that his asthma was mostly structural.

I also ran my fingers on the front of Maurice's chest and had him note it was a bit caved in.

I did the FRM. Maurice popped up, his face got notably darker (he is an African American) from increased blood flow to the point Dr. Brett was astonished. I asked Maurice to take a deep breathe. He started breathing in and half-way through got this wide-eyed surprised look on his face. He finished and told me that was his first deep breath in 5 years.

I got a card from Dr. Greg and told Maurice to go, first visit on me. I had him try to slump and all the usual stuff and had him run his had across his chest and feel the difference. He noted it was less and asked if it would go away and his breathing come back to normal. I told him it would take a while but yes.

He asked for a card for his son who had such bad back pain he could no longer play ball and was having difficulty working. The women at the front desk were a bit astonished and got cards because I pointed out to them that they did not need the shoulder pads in their uniforms to look square and upright if they got treated.

They took more cards for friends. Dr. Greg did the smart thing and got all their names and addresses to call and follow-up and send them information if they did not come in right away. (Many docs leave out that last step when they give out cards.) With a case average over $1500, (about to go up) not getting their names and addresses to follow-up is just plain dumb.

Some docs think having me to their offices is expensive. Dr. Greg will tell you it gets paid for when you take me to the hotel or to lunch.

Anyway, the next day at the office was even better. I made sure the docs did everything according to the manuals and tapes. Long-term patients who were much better but having problems popped upright, symptoms disappeared that had been hanging around and 6 more referrals happened right there.

I explained to Dr. Greg that there are no excuses with
Advanced BioStructural Correction™. It is not a miracle cure but you do get structural correction consistently and predictably with no excuses. Want to get CONSISTENT AND PREDICTABLE results that will boom your practice? Click here

My favorite was the woman who had lost half her foot and fingers off both hands who had trouble standing. I pointed out to Dr. Greg that people stabilize and do not have that trouble when
Advanced BioStructural Correction™ is done correctly on the correct side. He switched sides and she stopped needing to hold onto the wall to stand up immediately after the first meningeal release. Cleared up a big misunderstanding Dr. Greg had there.

Dr. Brett, though now good at doing
Advanced BioStructural Correction is now studiously going through the Home Seminar and eager to attend the next live. Dr. Greg is redoing the Home Seminar and likewise eager to attend the live. You will see them on the certified doctor list shortly as soon as they can send a video and answer the questions.

Want to boom your practice without having to deal with insurance companies? Get the
Advanced BioStructural Correction™ Home Seminar click here, get consistent and predictable results that WOW your patients, communicate freely and watch your income grow as patient satisfaction goes through the roof.


Dr. Jutkowitz

Friday, October 19, 2007

Pics from Australia: Handling Kyphosis and Dowager's Hump clients. These changes are not "miracles" they are the normal results as promised with ABC™

Send this one to your chiropractor friends.
Chis Hume-Phillips from Australia who just recently got the ABC put these up on the Advanced BioStructural Correction™ practitioners only board -- keep in mind that this woman is standing RELAXED in ALL the pictures. She is not using her muscles to stand up straighter, she is just letting her body fall where it falls in the before picture (left) the after same day picture (middle) and the after second treatment picture (right).

These are not "MIRACLE RESULTS" though the thought of doing them on everyone seems miraculous to many. They are the NORMAL results one expects with Advanced BioStructural Correction

From the left ... Pre-treatment / Post-treatment / 2 days later post-treament
........................................................(10 minutes later)......................................................
Get these results consistently and predictably click here

Note that the hard kyphosis (cannot lay down flat it is so fixed) in the pre-picture had not been affected by anything else and had been getting worse as she went on. That's right, the results on 72 year old Dr. Charlie from the previous blog post click here about his HARD and FIXED kyphosis going away was the usual thing. It was not some "miracle" result that happens every once in a while.

Notice her face in the pre-treatment picture is only a bit pink because of make-up. In the post-treatment picture it is deeper red because of increased oxygenation and circulation. I know, the light is different yada yada. It is not. That happens in person on a consistent basis too.

Look at her abdomen and chest in the pre-treatent picture. They are collapsed as her body is stuck folded forward when in the relaxed position. Look at the first post-treatment picture. SHE IS STILL RELAXED but her body is more upright because of the changes made by Advanced BioStructural Correction™. Her chest volume is increased she gets more air in and she pumps more blood per beat. (You can test this by forcing your body forward to her previous relaxed position and then straightening up -- if you breathe better straightened up than in your relaxed position YOU need Advanced BioStructural Correction™ done on you!!)

That goes for her digestion too. It got better as there was room for her organs and her food. Look at the changes in her abdomen shape. And, those changes on day one are nothing compared to the post-treatment changes as she went on. It will continue to get better and better.

Get the
Advanced BioStructural Correction™ Home Seminar and GET YOUR PATIENTS THE RESULTS THEY ARE PAYING YOU TO GET THEM! click here

Sincerely (really, that is not just a salutation),
Dr. Jutkowitz

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Busy day for docs sending in stories -- FRM

This one relates to the First Rib Maneuver™:

Dr. J, regarding Advanced BioStructural Correction

I read the article about increasing the VO2 max and recently I had a marathon runner that I did the first rib adjustment on. She really noticed an increase in her breathing and I was wondering if anyone has actually done measurements to see how much more they can breathe after the treatment.

I am now looking for either a spirometer or some sort of lung capacity measurement tool that I can use in the clinic to show people the difference, if there is any. (I don't know as I haven't done it yet).

Dr. Bob

Imagine using the entire ABC
protocol because the FRM does not even do half the job needed on people.

Get the
Advanced BioStructural Correction™ Home Seminar at the bottom of this page

If you are not making these changes consistently and predictably you might not think of it this way but you are cheating your patients by not providing the service you promise at the highest level.

Advanced BioStructural Correction™ get it now.

Fun coincidence

Remember Dr. Hofer from the last post? The doc just outside Kansas City, KS?

I just got a voicemail from him. Earlier this year a chiropractic student brought him his wife who, after being treated by chiropractors was having seizures. She was terribly slumped forward, could not straighten even with effort, could not sleep... you know the drill.

Well, he started treating her, nothing special to him, just the Advanced BioStructural Correction™ protocol as usual. Not only did she straighten tremendously, color came back to her face, she slept that night for the first time in... but the seizures lessened greatly.

Update 6 months later. No seizures at all, sleeps though the night no problem, stands straight like a model with square shoulders with no effort and all the other good stuff we promise. Dave called to thank me because, as he said, this would be a really exciting thing for most chiropractors but here it is just another Monday morning story -- then he told me several similar stories about patients he never notified me about before.

Want to know about "the usual ABC™ results" vs the problems you can be causing with other methods? Check the 9/14/2007 post to this blog -- Click here Keep in mind that BOTH those doctors and all the ones you see slumping at your meetings and seminars, are being treated with other methods. Scary.

Get the Advanced BioStructural Correction™ Home seminar ON SPECIAL, usually $1999 now only $997 until the end of the year, and you will be able to do these things AS JUST YOUR USUAL PROTOCOL too.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Grow your practice with pictures

A doc asked me, "What is the best way to generate in-house referrals?"

I gave him the same basic answer that has grown many a practice. One of my favorites is Dr. Degraffenreid's. He got out of chiropractic school and did not have two nickles to rub together.

He worked for Dr. Dave Hofer in Kansas City for about 6 months, started a practice several hours away (where he wanted to live) out of a garage that was cleaned up and looked nice. He now has a large, busy practice and no debt.

Here's how you do it:

1. First you need a method of treatment that YOU know works consistently and predictably. Anything less than that and you cannot grow your practice ethically because you will always be wondering if you will be able to deliver on your promise. Click this link: Get the Advanced BioStructural Correction™ Home Seminar Program to get started now and then attend a live seminar to get the full training. (Many practitioners do not realize how much that restricts their own communication and personal abilities to grow their practices until they are doing Advanced BioStructural Correction™ for a few months and then call me astonished with -- you know Dr. J, I really have to thank you for ABC™, I was going to quit, was going broke, etc. before I found Advanced BioStructural Correction™ and realized I really can consistently get the results I was promising.)

Get Advanced BioStructural Correction™ click here.

Check out what Dr. Porter says, his practice literally quintupled that first year. He did not have to "sell" treatment, just get people to notice that he really was making the changes others promised but did not deliver (inlucing him until that time). Nice to be able look someone in the eye and know you will deliver on your promise.

2. Next, you need Before and After pictures of that first visit and a large mirror in your office. So, take a Before picture, save it as a file on your computer and print it out to show the patient.

3. Create a sheet/template in MS Word or a like program that says, "These Results Every Time" across the top. Four pairs of pictures (Before/After) with the, "These people are relaxed..." statement, see right side above the pictures if you do not have the wording down.

Under the pictures put "Imagine how quickly they are out of pain" (do not correct the tense) and then some testimonials or descriptions of cases in places where you cannot use testimonials.

Then put a horizontal line across the page. Below the line put the usual laundry list of: "Things Dr. so-and-so treats:" Get it from a yellow pages ad if you cannot think of your own, or even if you think you can. And then "Call Now!" with phone #.

4. Next, you need to tell people what to look for in themselves, relatives and friends.

5. Next, you need to do an examination that looks for those things and demonstrates them well to the patients including the picture.

6. If you have done #3 correctly the patients are already commenting on their forward head posture and other findings.

7. Then treat the patient and take an After picture, save it and print it out.

8. Have patient notice changes a bit -- while they are doing that one of your staff is substituting their pictures for one of the others in the page from above and printing out about 10 of them.

9. Give the patient the sheets and say, "You finally found a doctor who can actually make the changes everyone else is just talking about making." Give them a second to understand that and then: "You need to give these to all your friends and relatives because they are all either looking for a good chiropractor or they know someone who is."

Unless you are one heck of a lousy communicator within a month you will start getting a steady line of referral from that action.

Dr. Jutkowitz

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wow another one.

If you have not been around ABC a while you might not have heard about Dr. McCombs' patients who, after a couple of months of treatment decided she should go to a gym because she could finally do some exercises without hurting so much she had to quit.

(Yes, that is one reason many quit their exercise programs.)

She goes into the gym and the thing the gym is using to sell its program is the VO2 measurement. You know, they explain how important it is to have a good percentage and how horrible it s to have a low percentage and then: Exercise with us on this program and we will improve your VO2 by at least this much.

Well, the woman goes to the machine and breathes into it. The next thing she hears is, "That's impossible. We'll have to do it again." The guy resets the machine and she breathes into it again. "That's impossible, no one has 99% of their max."

I posted that up on the ABC™ practitioners only forum and Dr. Porter in Spokane posts up that he had one of those too. The woman signed up at a gym and they could not believe she had 98.3% of her VO2 Max. This was not an incidental finding. I have had many reports from others of the same thing (practitioners and even other docs' patients emailing me to say thank you).

Are you getting that result consistently and predictably? No? Click this link

Oops, let's you know that the changes in chest shape you make with Advanced BioStructural Correction™ are not just some one's fancy PR deal like the fancy traction machines.

Did you know that the number 1 complaint of astronauts who did not have back pain before their flights coming back from space is back pain? Yep. Back pain is their numero uno complaint upon retuning to earth. So much for that wonderful NASA discovery about those distraction machines. All PR. The percentage of people out of pain is real but not much different than it was for extreme traction in the 1950s.

Advanced BioStructural Correction™ on the other hand CONSISTENTLY AND PREDICTABLY creates the corrections and outstanding performances in patients as claimed.

If your patients do not get VO2 max in the 95% plus range after you treat them for a month or two you need to get Advanced BioStructural Correction™ now click the link now.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wow 72 year old doc new and kicking butt consistently and predictably

Hi Docs,

Remember 72 year old Dr. Charlie Shields from the San Francisco seminar? (Sept. 14 2007 post)

He was the doc who could not lay supine and not touch his head to the table without extreme extension -- and even then it was because he sank into the cushions.

Then he was treated by a practitioner doing Advanced BioStructural Correction™ for the first time. After the first move in the treatment protocol Dr. Shields was astonished and had to point out to everyone (but me, I was just about to say something) that he was laying flat on the table with his head touching the headrest. It was in slight extension because it was back below level in the space for the nose.

That is not the point of this blog entry (see below) but if you use Advanced BioStructural Correction™ and are not getting results like that CONSISTENTLY AND PREDICTABLY, you need a live seminar and need one now. go here to sign up: Live Advanced BioStructural Correction™ seminars

If you do not use Advanced BioStructural Correction™ keep in mind that Dr. Shields is 72 and was semi retired ("was" because he is now getting treated and in such good shape already that he is ramping up his practice).

So Dr. Shields (enough formality) Charlie calls me Monday to leave me a message about treating a guy who was a Navy Demolitions Expert, that is what the Navy Seals were called before the PR guys got to them. Since Navy Seals have been around for a long time, this guy is pretty old himself.

For several years the NDE guy could not walk 30 feet before Dr. Shields got to him and did some of the Advanced BioStructural Correction™ protocol on him (Dr. Shields says he has not got it all down yet but is feeling so good he will have it totally down shortly). The NDE guy said he was walking to do something and realized he had walked about 100 yards.

Today Dr. Shields calls back and leaves another message:

The NDE guy "who had not walked more than 30 feet for several years had walked 2 miles around the lake, walked to work and then back to his house. The only thing holding him back is that he has ingrown toenails and that will be handled tomorrow. I just had to call you back and leave this message. I am one amazed chiropractor. Just want to thank you for what you have done for me and for humanity.

Not a bad way to go to sleep but I am a bit excited about another doc getting the results promised on his body and on patients. Not only that, earlier today Dr. Wendy Menneg of East Cranford NJ called and said similar things and asked me if I knew I did a great thing for humanity here.

Thank you both and tell others.

My goal is not so much to earn a bunch of money teaching Advanced BioStructural Correction™ (I make much more when I just concentrate of my practice) as it is to change the face of healthcare for the better across the globe.

If you are not getting these results CONSISTENTLY AND PREDICTABLY go to Advanced BioStructural Correction or call Alison at (203) 366-2746 and get the home seminar today!

Here's a good one. A doc just stopped by the side of the road after leaving an ABC™ clinic to check it out and called to order the seminar. I do not believe it you say because this is posed at 10pm Eastern Time or so -- the doc was in Queensland, Australia so it is tomorrow morning there and he wanted to catch us before we went to bed. Get your seminar now go to Advanced BioStructural Correction

Monday, October 8, 2007

Now this was/is a very interesting question

Sitting watching the Yankee game last night at Dr. S's (they finally got into gear and won one), his wife Sue asked a very interesting question:

I have not asked Dr. S if I could use his name, until I do that will be his identifier.

A bit of background, Dr. S was brought to me 4+ years ago by his friend, another Advanced BioStructural Correction™ doc, who had large concerns over Dr. S's body condition.

Dr. S has been consistently and predictably getting better and better though he had a long period of stuckness and symptomatic distress and never quite "got there" as far as what Advanced BioStructural Correction™ should have been doing for him.

Well, last November (11 months ago) he finally got rid of the memory foam-type mattress and got the hardest one he could find. Within days his body started making changes that I had told him were coming but that would not happen quickly if he kept resetting his body.

This is a chiropractor who practiced and got treated for 25 years and never had a full asymptomatic day since before Chiropractic school.

The speed of the changes from that point were pretty astonishing to me as well as him. Within a month he came in and complained to me that I had not beat him up into getting a much harder bed from the beginning -- I did but that is another story.

After about 6 months of some nasty unwinding culminated with a treatment about a month ago where he laid there and told me his entire body just made a huge change and he was very different. He has been almost asymptomatic since then.

In his words, when I need to get treated I know it but it does not hurt or bother me significantly.

Back to the question:

Dr. S had made that comment to me after we exchanged treatments last night. His wife noted he was quite a bit neurotic about his body. Dr. S protested and asked her if he had made any comments about his body that week besides that one.

She admitted that he had not but she never remembers a week without 5 or 6 days of body comments in over 20 years of marriage.

She then looked at me and asked: Are all chiropractors this neurotic about their bodies?

I never really considered that question before so that set me to thinking. The considered answer to that question is a bit more involved than one might think; the answer is:

For the most part they are since they know they should have results with their body that they are not getting. The ones who are not so neurotic are mostly in apathy about their bodies' being able to ever get as good as the docs know it should be. They have just given up.

Not only that, in my experience it goes across all bodywork professions.

After saying that Sue immediately said, "Oh, that's like (doc's name). She was to the point she had given up on her body ever being in good condition until Dr. S started treating her with Advanced BioStructural Correction™. Now she is so much better she is getting the Advanced BioStructural Correction™ Home Study Program and getting excited about being a chiropractor again.

So, if you are on the fence about getting the Advanced BioStructural Correction™ Home Study Seminar because nothing has worked with your body, jump and get it. Your body will start getting as well as you know it should be getting.

Dr. J

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

First Rib Maneuver™ and cheating your patients

I got this from a doc today:

Dr Jesse,

After testing Advanced BioStructural Correction out on myself and getting the results that you promised I performed the First Rib Maneuver on my wife and son. I can't believe my sons posture changed dramatically and he said he could breathe better and felt better. My wife's shoulders are back where they belong and she has been a receptionist for 10 years. I have tried to correct her Anterior Head Carriage and forward shoulders using other techniques for years and with your help I was able to do this in ONE treatment!!

This works great!

My family and patients look at me now in a new light because I CAN DO WHAT I PROMISE TO DO IN LITTLE TIME! I feel like I had been beating a dead horse with what I was taught in school with the exception of a few things. If chiropractors want fast awesome results then I suggest Advanced BioStructural Correction. If you want to take 52 weeks (or even 6 to 10 weeks) to change structures (maybe), then ABC is not for you!! Ask anyone who really knows me and they will tell you that I am a skeptic when it comes to chiropractic techniques. I am a strict HANDS ON adjuster.
Dr Darrin Larremore

If you want to learn to make these changes NOW no ifs and or buts, go to Advanced BioStructural Correction

Sounds like a great testimonial, and it is. However, there are bunches of docs out there who have learned the First Rib Maneuver™, use it and do nothing else from the Advanced BioStructural Correction™ Protocol because they never learned it.

This is a nasty thing for a few reasons:

The main one is that the
First Rib Maneuver™ is on SMALL part of the protocol and it is not even close to the thing that changes the body the most.

Another is that you are cheating your patients if you tell them you are making changes and all you are doing it the
First Rib Maneuver™. Do the First Rib Maneuver™ and then test the person for breathing and slumping. Then do the rest of what you are doing to treat the patient. At that point, RETEST breathing and slumping. If the person breathes less well or slumps even a bit, YOU HAVE DEGRADED THEIR BODY MECHANICS and made them a bit worse than they were.

Continue to do that and your ethics are in question!

Go to
Advanced BioStructural Correction and order the entire program. Get your ethics in, start to truly get your patients well and get your practice to expand.

One doc told me I was a bit strong when I told him his patients were suffering needlessly. I asked if he was getting hot low backs to not be hot in one or two treatments? I asked if he was getting degenerative knees bending up to 80% of normal in one visit?

He said no. I said, "Not only are they suffering needlessly but you are out ethics for not learning Advanced BioStructural Correction and getting them well as fast and as best as you can because that is what they are paying you for doing. It is not like you do not know what Advanced BioStructural Correction can do.

Strong, yes. True, yes. Find out for yourself, learn the First Rib Maneuver™ here, and page down to the second blue title which is How a 40 minute meeting took me from broke and not having two dimes to rub together to a practice treating over 300 patients a week.

Use the
First Rib Maneuver at your own risk since once you know I am telling the truth about how well that works, you will have to buy the entire Advanced BioStructural Correction program and truly get the results structural healthcare and specifically Chiropractic promises.


Skeptical and conservative doc still gets the consistent and prediticable body changes we promise

There is a very conservative group of chiropractors who belong to the group "spinedocs" who are evidence based practitioners. To me they are a good bunch of docs who look mostly to the published literature for guidance on what methods to use in their practices.

They take me and others to task for not having published literature relating to Advanced BioStructural Correction™. They have a point but we are working to correct that. There are two published case studies:

JMPT Volume 27, Issue 6, Pages 421-426 (July 2004)
Reduction of Cervical Dystonia After an Extended Course of Chiropractic Manipulation: A Case Report, George W. Kukurin, DC

The Amelioration of Symptoms in Cervical Spinal Stenosis with Spinal Cord Deformation Through Specific Chiropractic Manipulation: A Case Report with Long-Term Follow-Up George W Kukurin, Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, June 2004 (Vol. 27, Issue 5, Page 366)
In both articles ABC™ was changed by the author because of refused publication with ABC™ correctly identified.

Want to know how to consistently and predictably get those results on cervical stenosis and ANY spinal stenosis not just cervical stenosis? go to

On the other hand, some of these very conservative docs get desperate with their own bodies and show up at the ABC™ seminars anyway. This past weekend in Indianapolis we had a doc from that group with severe knee pain that had been longstanding. The questions ran like this:

We will call the doc Dr. Skeptical (not as a criticism or pejorative term but as his viewpoint before the seminar).

Dr. Skeptical email 1:
I spoke to you several years ago and was interested in your system, but got turned off by a tirade you went on with someone on the Internet. Since you have been online again, here, I have been intrigued by your concepts, and after reading your entire website, have a little more understanding of why you get so hot sometimes :)

You spend a lot of time talking about the postural changes, but I am really interested in the symptom elimination aspect for my patients. For example, I have a very painful R knee that I suspect is from some structural problem because there are occasional days that it is pain free, but is usually nearly unbearable to walk or sleep. Have you had success with such cases, and if so, can you give me one of those quick,"do this" kind of techniques, or point me to a practitioner in the (removed) area, whom I can see for treatment?

My answer:

Hi Doc,

I remember you.

Success with knees is frequent. Especially because there are no bones in the knee that can go out of place in a direction the body cannot self-correct. Unless there is direct trauma the knee is always affected as some sequel to something else.

On symptomatic changes, as the ABC™ practitioners and you will find nothing changes the symptoms faster on a regular basis.

Doc Skeptic:

Okay, I see what you're saying about self correcting joint displacements, I've always seen a tremendous amount of problems with anterior vertebral displacements; but what is the rest of the story? Do you only adjust the non-correcting and they correct the self correcting? Maybe I didn't read as much of your website as I thought, but I missed the basic connection, the basic concept of the ABC™.

Answer from Dr. J:

Yes to your question at the bottom, but if there were only one or two things they could not self-correct it would be a short story.You should see changes in your knees immediately this weekend.

The doc had enough problems with his own knees to come to the seminar last weekend.

In any case, his body changed as do all the others and his knee pain was not only tremendously reduced but the motion was restored to just short or normal within a minute of the first time through the protocol.

Want to fix people's knees in a visit or two? I am including anything except cancers, infections and fractures in this with no other exceptions! go to

Here is what he wrote to the conservative group after the seminar:

I attended one of Jesse's seminars this past weekend, and though I will have to delay my full report due to an extremely busy schedule for the next few days, I learned a lot about Jesse and his Advanced BioStructural Correction™ method.

I will address the "one or two visit cure" issue, however, because it is a BIG stumbling block to many on the list. If you look closely, you will note that Jesse describes great "changes" in 1-2 visits, not "cures".

Having attended the seminar this past weekend, I can attest to the truth of his claims in that regard - all of the attendees had great "changes" (improvements) in posture on the first treatment, no doubt about that, and Jesse clearly points out that total corrections ("cures") can take a long time.

These "changes" are dramatic to see and experience. The use of science and research issues also have a reasonable explanation once you've heard the lecture, and I'll go into that. later, too; along with my personal experience and observations.

We are awaiting his further post on the issue but I can tell you that for a conservative doctor this is a highly exclamatory post.

When he says: "These 'changes' are dramatic to see and experience." That is the conservative equivalent to, Holy S... I can hardly believe my eyes but I cannot slump anymore and neither can ANY of the other docs and people treated with the ABC™ protocol... and I tried to slump after the treatment.

Probably most significant for this doc was the IMMEDIATE banishment of 70% of his knee problems. That is IMMEDIATE as in right after treatment but before the swelling had a chance to go down.

Want to truly start fixing bodies and not just hope you are doing a good job? Want to get the changes Chirorpactic has always promised but never been able to teach you to get consistently and predictably? go to and order

Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz

Friday, September 14, 2007

Consistent and predictable or the idea behind it is ???

Another live seminar with hohum results. Dr. Charlie Shields was there from Sacramento, CA. 72 years old chiropractor forever, treated forever, stuck with a hard kyphosis that had him bent over so much he also had sleep apnea and had to use that device (CPD I think) at night to breathe... yada, yada, yada.

He was a first time to an Advanced BioStructural Correction™ seminar doc who did not have the At-Home Seminar. He was treated by someone brand new to ABC™ doing the maneuvers for the first time. It was one of those, "damn I did not take before and after pictures" moments.

Get this as the beginning circumstance:

  • Dr. Charlie laying supine (face up) could not touch the table with his head even in full extension. When you pushed down his shoulders to try to make it touch, his buttocks popped up.
  • New practitioner who had never done ABC™ before except for the First Rib Maneuver™ she learned from the web site or introductory video (I do not know which).
So, she follows directions and does the anterior meningeal release and looks up at me wondering if she did it right or did it well.

I said, "Don't look at me, look at your patient." I asked Dr. Charlie (remember 72 years old stuck bent forward no chiropractor able to get him straight even with a crowbar for over 20 years) how he was doing. His response was, Holy S... Why? He was laying with his head on the table with just a tiny bit of extension. learn how to do it at

That is something no one else can do and no one else can teach you to do anywhere. Want to learn how to do it? Follow this link How to do the First Rib Maneuver™ is there too. You might think it is redundant to put this here right after having above. "Redundant" means unnecessary duplication. If you have not followed the link and are still reading, telling you to get this or your patients are suffering needlessly is necessary.

By the way, Dr. Charlie came in the next day with his wife and they both were telling about the fact that he slept without pillows propping him up in bed and with no device for his sleep apnea for the first time in more than a decade.

Damn, forgot to take before and after pictures. And Dr. Rettner, this guy was so bent forward along his thoracic and lumbar spine that he was shorter than me. We got done for the day and I asked if he noticed he was now looking at me from a downward angle.

He stood there with his mouth open for a bit.

I hope they have some funky structured people at the Indianapolis seminar, oh, gotta get the plane.

You can do this, just bring your camera and take your before and after pictures on every patient or you will be regretting it like I am now.

Dr. Jutkowitz

PS I do not like to malign other methods but both Dr. Charlie and Dr. Rettner had been to more chiropractors and more chiropractic seminars than they could count, how the heck did they end up so bent over if these things were doing what they claimed??? no excuses and consistent and predictable results in correcting body structures.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Increasing referrals and patient compliance and patient satisfaction


Today I am writing about Advanced BioStructural Correction™, patient management and attracting new patients. I know you are not supposed to mention competing ideas in your own communications but this is an important one. If you get the Clinical Chiropractic publication you will find an article under the patient management banner titled, Time in Traction, Patient Management and Motivation by Scott Heun, DC.

In general, it is a good article about what motivates patients. Dr. Heun uses another method claiming structural correction with patients. There is one strongly emphasized (italicized and underlined) comment right at the beginning,
the more change patients made as demonstrated on re-x-ray, the greater the likelihood they were to continue with additional care as needed.
I do not think the double emphasis was redundant (redundant is unnecessary duplication). However, the follow on points are in the title of the article, “Time in Traction…” Dr. Heun goes on to note time in traction is the single “most important variable” and “…was often the most productive in terms of spinal change” though he also notes exercise is important to change too.

The pertinent point here is that clients noticing their bodies changing will find what you are doing is worth the time, effort and money they are spending to come to your office and get their bodies fixed.

Fortunately, Advanced BioStructural Correction™ practitioners do not have to wait for patients to notice change. Highly noticeable changes start IMMEDIATELY with the first visit and even before the first visit ends. Hell, you can create more NOTICEABLE TO THE PATIENT improvement in a person’s structure with the First Rib Maneuver™ in a minute or so with a patient than any other structural healing method in any profession can make in years. What this means for patient compliance and patient management AND PATIENT REFERRALS is huge. To learn the First Rib Maneuver™ FREE follow this link.

Did you see those pictures on the ABC™ web site?

This is one of my typical faxes from doctors who are excited to be able to make these changes for the first time. Yes, this guy was 90 and the doctor, a woman practicing in Florida, saw her practice jump a bunch when this guy went back to the retirement village standing straight after having been bent over since he was in his late 50s. That is right, changed a 30 year posture problem on the first visit. And, this guy had been seeing chiropractors for years with not change.

All the pictures are from my students before and after the first visits WITH THE PATIENTS RELAXED. And, several of those “patients” are chiropractors who have been treated and trying to improve their structural alignment FOR DECADES (no exaggeration there) with no change in the relaxed posture. These changes are with the people RELAXED. Want to start making these changes IMMEDIATELY on your patients and on yourself? Follow this link.

You can notice these pictures are not like pictures from other methods where the person holds themselves upright better. They are pictures of the person’s body staying upright better WITH them relaxed using NO EFFORT. Next week you will find out why no one else consistently makes change with scoliosis but get Advanced BioStructural Correction™ this week so you can start doing it now. Order here.

Matt Fuery and all the doctors and physical therapists (and chiropractors) out there promoting strengthening for health are trying to do the correct thing and what they promote helps. However, you can work out and traction and anything else you want for years and not get your body to change the way it stays upright when you relax (your posture). Why? Go to the this link and read down to Axiom 4 at least.

Follow this link… and learn how to do the First Rib Maneuver™ FREE. That one maneuver will improve your patients’ health AND YOUR PRACTICE more than anything else you can do changing structure and the First Rib Maneuver™ is not even close to the thing that changes and improves bodies most. AND IT IS FREE.

By the way, NEVER tell anyone you will improve their posture. The first thing everyone (even you I bet) thinks of when they hear "improve posture" is that someone is going to make them work to hold themself more straight. What you tell them is,
I am going to correct your structure so your posture will stay up straight ALL BY ITSELF.

If you are impatient like me you want to lean the First Rib Maneuver™ NOW you can call 203 366-2746 and have it taught to you over the phone by a live person but it will cost you $77

On the other hand, 15 minutes after we answer the phone YOUR shoulders will not slump forward when you relax. If you were standing here right now and have not had the First Rib Maneuver™ done on your body I would bet you triple or nothing on the cost of the entire program that your body will change IMMEDIATELY. Not only that, if you ask your phone teacher nicely, she (maybe he, but rarely) will teach you how to do it to your clients and get a new patient referral before the end of the day doing it. I guess I should change more than that but... I will not.

Why pay $77 when you can get the DVD Free (just pay the postage)? The doc who said this said I could quote him but asked me not to put his name in: After being taught and doing the First Rib Maneuver™ on himself and having his shoulders stay back no matter how much he relaxed, having his breathing improve dramatically and having his face flush because the IMMEDIATE change in chest shape gave his heart more room and increased the volume of blood pumped with each beat of his heart (we have research on that) this doc said, "...this has got to be better than phone sex." (Is that too much? Well, it lets you know how good the First Rib Maneuver™ is.) His teacher was a bit flustered but recovered and told him to buy the whole seminar package if it was so good. He did and saw his practice increase to just over double in the next 6 months.

So, a change that will be better for your body than… and a way to ethically increase your practice by consistently getting better results AND, a chance to have your teacher bug you to get the entire program package today.

$77 to learn it right now live at 203 366-2746 and we will discount the entire package by that much if you get it today or just get the Free DVD (no sex on it :) just a super effective, consistent and predictable way of accomplishing the changes your patients are paying you for. You do not have to buy the whole program just to learn the First Rib Maneuver™ but you loose the $77 discount if you do not get it today.

If you do not get Advanced BioStructural Correction™ for the reason that is the best method of structural correction, actually the only method of structural correction that claims consistent and predictable changes, then get it for the reason that it makes you more money while getting your patients healthier by making more correction to your clients than anything else in structural healthcare.

There is a reason no one else out there is claiming consistent and predictable changes in bodies. It does not happen with anything but Advanced BioStructural Correctionclick here to order now

For actually making the changes everyone else just talks about,

Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The greatest tragedy in science is the slaying of a beautiful theory by an ugly fact.

Brief description of Advanced BioStructural Correction™

In this letter – making consistent and predictable corrections of Dowager’s hump and hard kyphosis patients and why no one else can do it.

Did you realize that a hard kyphosis, where a person cannot lay supine and touch their head to the table at all or without extension of their neck is mechanically the same as a Dowager’s hump but just lower down in the body? And, did you know that using Advanced BioStructural Correction it is a simple correction as long as the person does not have a large compression fracture? Send a copy of this newletter/blog to your friends and patients.

If you have not been to this one yet click this link

You may find this post longer than some other bloggers but I am not just trying to sell something, I am trying to give you information you can use in your practice now.

The first question I get most often from practitioners and patients is, What exactly is Advanced BioStructural Correction™ – so, I guess that is a good place to start with this letter.

Advanced BioStructural Correction™ is exactly what is says it is, an advance in the correction of structures of living bodies. (bio = living or life).

Nice description but does not tell you much just by itself so here is the expanded version. Looking at the history of structural healthcare you find many attempts at structural correction.

There have been many successes and there have been many failures. The problem with the successes is that they have not been consistently and predictably effective.

Advanced BioStructural Correction™ is consistent and predictable in its results/effects correcting body structures. Go to this page and find out what other doctors are saying.

All past approaches to correcting body structures have as their basis taking a body from where it is and forcing the bones into place to “correct” the structure. They involve x-ray analysis and “correction” of what is seen on the films. Well, with Advanced BioStructural Correction™ there is no longer a need to take x-rays at all. For an excellent reason I will cover that later in this newletter.

The idea that you can take the body from its position now and force things into place has been the underlying theory of structural correction since before the time of the Greek healers. And, since that time it has sometimes worked and sometimes not worked on both the success end and the failure end.

That means that the successes could often not be repeated or were sporadic, worked on some not on others with seemingly the same set of symptoms. Even more to the point, the methods that failed on one person with a certain set of symptoms was successful on another person who seemingly had the exact same set of symptoms. This has left us with a hodgepodge system where anything goes because no one had yet found the basis for the successes or failures. Advanced BioStructural Correction™ has found the basic reasons for the successes and the failures.

ABC™ brings order, consistency and predictability to structural healing. (Keep in mind that no other method of healing is claiming consistent and predictable results for their method – even medicines are said to be effective if they work only 30% of the time – so this is something new in the field of healing.)

Before we get into the exact why we need to cover some basic concepts:

Ever hear this saying?

The greatest tragedy in science is the slaying of a beautiful theory by an ugly fact.

With regards to healthcare you should write that down and hang it on your wall. Why? Because understanding it forever handles being fooled by people claiming to be able to correct body problems and many other things.

Look at what a theory is: From a theory is “a proposed explanation whose status is still conjectural, in contrast to well-established propositions that are regarded as reporting matters of actual fact.” Or, ‘a logically connected group of general plans suggested for acceptance and used as principles of explanation for a class of phenomena.’

Theories are proposed explanations for phenomena (phenomena in this definition is something that is physically observable). However, what happens when there are phenomena that could not happen within the framework of the theory? Or, what happens when the explanation does not result in a treatment that consistently and predictably creates the effect you want?

The short answer is, that explanation must be wrong, or that theory is wrong.

Then you get the doctors and others who say, I do not think it is wrong because it worked on… Well, for those doctors and other people we have, The greatest tragedy in science is the slaying of a beautiful theory by an ugly fact.

No matter how beautiful the theory, no matter how wonderful someone thinks it is, if there is one fact, one physically observable phenomenon that cannot be if the theory is correct, then the theory is wrong. No ifs, no ands, no buts (however, sometimes butts when people insist despite the facts).

That is one basic point to understand.

The next basic point is that there is a difference between a research datum and a clinical datum.

Research Data

If you are doing research into how the body works in order to find a way to heal bodies, what exactly are you trying to find? Take a minute to think about that and come up with an answer before you read on. In ABC™ there is do authority who dictates to you what and how you should think. In ABC™ YOU will find out for yourself so you should take a moment and think these things through when I ask you to do so.

Did you come up with: Researchers are trying to find the basic way the body works so they can change it as they please? Well, think it through and I believe you will find that true.

Clinical Data

In your clinic or office, what are you working to accomplish with patients? Take a minute and get an answer.

Did you come up with, relieve their pain or increase range of motion or something like that? Well, those things are true but they are not the basic thing. I think you will find that you are working to correct their body structures …… which will lead to all those other things.

For those who think they are correcting body structures and do not find it leads to pain relief, increased range of motion and all that, well, read on.

So, there is a very large difference between Research Data and Clinical Data. In research if you have a theory leading to a method that “works” on 1000 people but does not work on 1 other, you have to throw that theory out the window as a BASIC datum on how the body works.

In your clinic, if you have that same datum or same theory that “works” on 999% you keep it and look for something else to use to help that other person.

The difference between a research datum and a clinical datum is important because you only get fooled when you mix the two.

What is your favorite theory of how the body stays upright? Do not just continue reading. STOP! And, identify to yourself what your favorite theory of how the body stays upright is. Remember, there is no one here but you so there is no chance of being embarrassed, no chance of being wrong, just a safe place to examine what some of your basic beliefs on bodies have been and how they compare to some facts anyone can observe. You might want to write it down so you can compare exactly what you think now with what you think at the end of this newsletter.

Got it? Good.

Now identify for yourself your favorite theory for how the body changes or can be changed. Again, no one here but you so you can identify it for yourself and even write it down for yourself with no risk.

Got that one? Good.

Now, let us take a look at some theories and facts that go along with these theories and ideas.

There is a theory of structural correction presently in use and the people promoting the theory have written tons of papers and had them published. On the basis of those peer reviewed research papers they claim to be experts and an authority on correction of bodies. Their theory is that you must remold ligaments to get structural changes.

I do not know how that compares with your favorite theory or idea but it is one that is out there.

Take a look at these x-rays. The contrast has been pumped up so you can easily see them but they are otherwise unchanged from what has been sent to me.

The first is from 1986 when the woman first went to a chiropractor. The next was in December, 1999 after 13 years of different techniques with different practitioners. Dr. Kukurin took those films as she was a new patient to him with some significant complaints. Dr. K had just gotten the ABC™ Home Seminar Program a month or so before. He started the woman on the ABC™ protocol but she was only able to come in once a week during the holiday season. When she came in of the third treatment she was so different in her outward appearance that George decided to take another film before he treated her. That is the January, 2000 film on the right. No traction, no exercise, only twice through the ABC™ Protocol and standing relaxed in all films. The spondylosis you see in the 99 and 00 films is as it was. Nothing in the films has been retouched. And, this is just one of many sets of changes sent in by practitioners around the world.

For the x-rays and the pictures below just click on them to see a full screen high resolution picture.

These are less than a month apart by a practitioner just using the ABC™ Protocol too. Not only that, this doc used to follow the traction etc. theory that is so popular and gets more and better changes consistently and predictably. His statement:

Less than a month for each change no traction or exercise! 33% loss to 8% loss and improving, reversed to lordotic. You will make big changes in patients’ curves
in less time than anyone else even believes possible with no traction or exercises! This is what Chiropractic is all about. Dr. JD (formerly CBP™)

We have hundreds of them sent in by many practitioners who were amazed at the fast changes with no traction on exercises. You might note that these are more than one of those facts that slay the theory of ligament tractioning. Not that ligament tractioning does not ever work. Even the proponents tell you it works 50% of the time at best..

The ABC™ Protocol works consistently and predictably. Period.

(What is the protocol and how does it work – get the ABC™ Home Seminar Program and learn it tomorrow, order off this link and next day air shipping is included at no additional charge)

you think I am picking on one particular theory, I am not. What is your favorite theory on how your body keeps its posture or stays upright? Muscles? Ligaments? Nerves?

Take a look at these pictures:

All of these people are standing relaxed before and after their first time being put through the ABC™ Protocol. And, they are not all my patients.
Any practitioner can accomplish the same thing with their clients on a consistent and predicatble basis daily, hell hourly or less if you can fit the new ones in more closely.

The instructions for the pictures are “Breathe in, breath out and let your body relax and slump.” Actually, for the second pictures, after the Protocol, I keep saying “Let it slump, let it slump” until the person says “I am!” Then I tell them to remember that they really are letting their bodies slump when they see the after pictures.

No exercise no work by the patients, just correcting structure using the ABC™ Protocol.

(What is the protocol and how does it work – get the ABC™ Home Seminar Program and learn it tomorrow, order off this link and next day air shipping is included at no additional charge)

My mission is to change the face of healthcare in the world for the better.

My goal right here is to get every Chiropractor able to correct every patient’s body that walks in their door that is not being affected by cancer, infections, fractures and the like.

Thousands of ABC™ practitioners are doing all over the world and so can you. Order now at this link.

What about the Advanced BioStructural Correction™ approach is so different? That is in the next blog, check it out after you order.

Sincerely, (and that is not just a saluation, I am sincere about this -- you can make all these changes and consistently correct your patients. Over 1850 practitioners are doing it now so this is consistent and easy to duplicate.) Order now

Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz