Friday, September 14, 2007

Consistent and predictable or the idea behind it is ???

Another live seminar with hohum results. Dr. Charlie Shields was there from Sacramento, CA. 72 years old chiropractor forever, treated forever, stuck with a hard kyphosis that had him bent over so much he also had sleep apnea and had to use that device (CPD I think) at night to breathe... yada, yada, yada.

He was a first time to an Advanced BioStructural Correction™ seminar doc who did not have the At-Home Seminar. He was treated by someone brand new to ABC™ doing the maneuvers for the first time. It was one of those, "damn I did not take before and after pictures" moments.

Get this as the beginning circumstance:

  • Dr. Charlie laying supine (face up) could not touch the table with his head even in full extension. When you pushed down his shoulders to try to make it touch, his buttocks popped up.
  • New practitioner who had never done ABC™ before except for the First Rib Maneuver™ she learned from the web site or introductory video (I do not know which).
So, she follows directions and does the anterior meningeal release and looks up at me wondering if she did it right or did it well.

I said, "Don't look at me, look at your patient." I asked Dr. Charlie (remember 72 years old stuck bent forward no chiropractor able to get him straight even with a crowbar for over 20 years) how he was doing. His response was, Holy S... Why? He was laying with his head on the table with just a tiny bit of extension. learn how to do it at

That is something no one else can do and no one else can teach you to do anywhere. Want to learn how to do it? Follow this link How to do the First Rib Maneuver™ is there too. You might think it is redundant to put this here right after having above. "Redundant" means unnecessary duplication. If you have not followed the link and are still reading, telling you to get this or your patients are suffering needlessly is necessary.

By the way, Dr. Charlie came in the next day with his wife and they both were telling about the fact that he slept without pillows propping him up in bed and with no device for his sleep apnea for the first time in more than a decade.

Damn, forgot to take before and after pictures. And Dr. Rettner, this guy was so bent forward along his thoracic and lumbar spine that he was shorter than me. We got done for the day and I asked if he noticed he was now looking at me from a downward angle.

He stood there with his mouth open for a bit.

I hope they have some funky structured people at the Indianapolis seminar, oh, gotta get the plane.

You can do this, just bring your camera and take your before and after pictures on every patient or you will be regretting it like I am now.

Dr. Jutkowitz

PS I do not like to malign other methods but both Dr. Charlie and Dr. Rettner had been to more chiropractors and more chiropractic seminars than they could count, how the heck did they end up so bent over if these things were doing what they claimed??? no excuses and consistent and predictable results in correcting body structures.

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