Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Skeptical and conservative doc still gets the consistent and prediticable body changes we promise

There is a very conservative group of chiropractors who belong to the group "spinedocs" who are evidence based practitioners. To me they are a good bunch of docs who look mostly to the published literature for guidance on what methods to use in their practices.

They take me and others to task for not having published literature relating to Advanced BioStructural Correction™. They have a point but we are working to correct that. There are two published case studies:

JMPT Volume 27, Issue 6, Pages 421-426 (July 2004)
Reduction of Cervical Dystonia After an Extended Course of Chiropractic Manipulation: A Case Report, George W. Kukurin, DC

The Amelioration of Symptoms in Cervical Spinal Stenosis with Spinal Cord Deformation Through Specific Chiropractic Manipulation: A Case Report with Long-Term Follow-Up George W Kukurin, Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, June 2004 (Vol. 27, Issue 5, Page 366)
In both articles ABC™ was changed by the author because of refused publication with ABC™ correctly identified.

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On the other hand, some of these very conservative docs get desperate with their own bodies and show up at the ABC™ seminars anyway. This past weekend in Indianapolis we had a doc from that group with severe knee pain that had been longstanding. The questions ran like this:

We will call the doc Dr. Skeptical (not as a criticism or pejorative term but as his viewpoint before the seminar).

Dr. Skeptical email 1:
I spoke to you several years ago and was interested in your system, but got turned off by a tirade you went on with someone on the Internet. Since you have been online again, here, I have been intrigued by your concepts, and after reading your entire website, have a little more understanding of why you get so hot sometimes :)

You spend a lot of time talking about the postural changes, but I am really interested in the symptom elimination aspect for my patients. For example, I have a very painful R knee that I suspect is from some structural problem because there are occasional days that it is pain free, but is usually nearly unbearable to walk or sleep. Have you had success with such cases, and if so, can you give me one of those quick,"do this" kind of techniques, or point me to a practitioner in the (removed) area, whom I can see for treatment?

My answer:

Hi Doc,

I remember you.

Success with knees is frequent. Especially because there are no bones in the knee that can go out of place in a direction the body cannot self-correct. Unless there is direct trauma the knee is always affected as some sequel to something else.

On symptomatic changes, as the ABC™ practitioners and you will find nothing changes the symptoms faster on a regular basis.

Doc Skeptic:

Okay, I see what you're saying about self correcting joint displacements, I've always seen a tremendous amount of problems with anterior vertebral displacements; but what is the rest of the story? Do you only adjust the non-correcting and they correct the self correcting? Maybe I didn't read as much of your website as I thought, but I missed the basic connection, the basic concept of the ABC™.

Answer from Dr. J:

Yes to your question at the bottom, but if there were only one or two things they could not self-correct it would be a short story.You should see changes in your knees immediately this weekend.

The doc had enough problems with his own knees to come to the seminar last weekend.

In any case, his body changed as do all the others and his knee pain was not only tremendously reduced but the motion was restored to just short or normal within a minute of the first time through the protocol.

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Here is what he wrote to the conservative group after the seminar:

I attended one of Jesse's seminars this past weekend, and though I will have to delay my full report due to an extremely busy schedule for the next few days, I learned a lot about Jesse and his Advanced BioStructural Correction™ method.

I will address the "one or two visit cure" issue, however, because it is a BIG stumbling block to many on the list. If you look closely, you will note that Jesse describes great "changes" in 1-2 visits, not "cures".

Having attended the seminar this past weekend, I can attest to the truth of his claims in that regard - all of the attendees had great "changes" (improvements) in posture on the first treatment, no doubt about that, and Jesse clearly points out that total corrections ("cures") can take a long time.

These "changes" are dramatic to see and experience. The use of science and research issues also have a reasonable explanation once you've heard the lecture, and I'll go into that. later, too; along with my personal experience and observations.

We are awaiting his further post on the issue but I can tell you that for a conservative doctor this is a highly exclamatory post.

When he says: "These 'changes' are dramatic to see and experience." That is the conservative equivalent to, Holy S... I can hardly believe my eyes but I cannot slump anymore and neither can ANY of the other docs and people treated with the ABC™ protocol... and I tried to slump after the treatment.

Probably most significant for this doc was the IMMEDIATE banishment of 70% of his knee problems. That is IMMEDIATE as in right after treatment but before the swelling had a chance to go down.

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Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz

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