Tuesday, September 25, 2007

First Rib Maneuver™ and cheating your patients

I got this from a doc today:

Dr Jesse,

After testing Advanced BioStructural Correction out on myself and getting the results that you promised I performed the First Rib Maneuver on my wife and son. I can't believe my sons posture changed dramatically and he said he could breathe better and felt better. My wife's shoulders are back where they belong and she has been a receptionist for 10 years. I have tried to correct her Anterior Head Carriage and forward shoulders using other techniques for years and with your help I was able to do this in ONE treatment!!

This works great!

My family and patients look at me now in a new light because I CAN DO WHAT I PROMISE TO DO IN LITTLE TIME! I feel like I had been beating a dead horse with what I was taught in school with the exception of a few things. If chiropractors want fast awesome results then I suggest Advanced BioStructural Correction. If you want to take 52 weeks (or even 6 to 10 weeks) to change structures (maybe), then ABC is not for you!! Ask anyone who really knows me and they will tell you that I am a skeptic when it comes to chiropractic techniques. I am a strict HANDS ON adjuster.
Dr Darrin Larremore

If you want to learn to make these changes NOW no ifs and or buts, go to Advanced BioStructural Correction

Sounds like a great testimonial, and it is. However, there are bunches of docs out there who have learned the First Rib Maneuver™, use it and do nothing else from the Advanced BioStructural Correction™ Protocol because they never learned it.

This is a nasty thing for a few reasons:

The main one is that the
First Rib Maneuver™ is on SMALL part of the protocol and it is not even close to the thing that changes the body the most.

Another is that you are cheating your patients if you tell them you are making changes and all you are doing it the
First Rib Maneuver™. Do the First Rib Maneuver™ and then test the person for breathing and slumping. Then do the rest of what you are doing to treat the patient. At that point, RETEST breathing and slumping. If the person breathes less well or slumps even a bit, YOU HAVE DEGRADED THEIR BODY MECHANICS and made them a bit worse than they were.

Continue to do that and your ethics are in question!

Go to
Advanced BioStructural Correction and order the entire program. Get your ethics in, start to truly get your patients well and get your practice to expand.

One doc told me I was a bit strong when I told him his patients were suffering needlessly. I asked if he was getting hot low backs to not be hot in one or two treatments? I asked if he was getting degenerative knees bending up to 80% of normal in one visit?

He said no. I said, "Not only are they suffering needlessly but you are out ethics for not learning Advanced BioStructural Correction and getting them well as fast and as best as you can because that is what they are paying you for doing. It is not like you do not know what Advanced BioStructural Correction can do.

Strong, yes. True, yes. Find out for yourself, learn the First Rib Maneuver™ here, and page down to the second blue title which is How a 40 minute meeting took me from broke and not having two dimes to rub together to a practice treating over 300 patients a week.

Use the
First Rib Maneuver at your own risk since once you know I am telling the truth about how well that works, you will have to buy the entire Advanced BioStructural Correction program and truly get the results structural healthcare and specifically Chiropractic promises.


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