Monday, September 3, 2007

Increasing referrals and patient compliance and patient satisfaction


Today I am writing about Advanced BioStructural Correction™, patient management and attracting new patients. I know you are not supposed to mention competing ideas in your own communications but this is an important one. If you get the Clinical Chiropractic publication you will find an article under the patient management banner titled, Time in Traction, Patient Management and Motivation by Scott Heun, DC.

In general, it is a good article about what motivates patients. Dr. Heun uses another method claiming structural correction with patients. There is one strongly emphasized (italicized and underlined) comment right at the beginning,
the more change patients made as demonstrated on re-x-ray, the greater the likelihood they were to continue with additional care as needed.
I do not think the double emphasis was redundant (redundant is unnecessary duplication). However, the follow on points are in the title of the article, “Time in Traction…” Dr. Heun goes on to note time in traction is the single “most important variable” and “…was often the most productive in terms of spinal change” though he also notes exercise is important to change too.

The pertinent point here is that clients noticing their bodies changing will find what you are doing is worth the time, effort and money they are spending to come to your office and get their bodies fixed.

Fortunately, Advanced BioStructural Correction™ practitioners do not have to wait for patients to notice change. Highly noticeable changes start IMMEDIATELY with the first visit and even before the first visit ends. Hell, you can create more NOTICEABLE TO THE PATIENT improvement in a person’s structure with the First Rib Maneuver™ in a minute or so with a patient than any other structural healing method in any profession can make in years. What this means for patient compliance and patient management AND PATIENT REFERRALS is huge. To learn the First Rib Maneuver™ FREE follow this link.

Did you see those pictures on the ABC™ web site?

This is one of my typical faxes from doctors who are excited to be able to make these changes for the first time. Yes, this guy was 90 and the doctor, a woman practicing in Florida, saw her practice jump a bunch when this guy went back to the retirement village standing straight after having been bent over since he was in his late 50s. That is right, changed a 30 year posture problem on the first visit. And, this guy had been seeing chiropractors for years with not change.

All the pictures are from my students before and after the first visits WITH THE PATIENTS RELAXED. And, several of those “patients” are chiropractors who have been treated and trying to improve their structural alignment FOR DECADES (no exaggeration there) with no change in the relaxed posture. These changes are with the people RELAXED. Want to start making these changes IMMEDIATELY on your patients and on yourself? Follow this link.

You can notice these pictures are not like pictures from other methods where the person holds themselves upright better. They are pictures of the person’s body staying upright better WITH them relaxed using NO EFFORT. Next week you will find out why no one else consistently makes change with scoliosis but get Advanced BioStructural Correction™ this week so you can start doing it now. Order here.

Matt Fuery and all the doctors and physical therapists (and chiropractors) out there promoting strengthening for health are trying to do the correct thing and what they promote helps. However, you can work out and traction and anything else you want for years and not get your body to change the way it stays upright when you relax (your posture). Why? Go to the this link and read down to Axiom 4 at least.

Follow this link… and learn how to do the First Rib Maneuver™ FREE. That one maneuver will improve your patients’ health AND YOUR PRACTICE more than anything else you can do changing structure and the First Rib Maneuver™ is not even close to the thing that changes and improves bodies most. AND IT IS FREE.

By the way, NEVER tell anyone you will improve their posture. The first thing everyone (even you I bet) thinks of when they hear "improve posture" is that someone is going to make them work to hold themself more straight. What you tell them is,
I am going to correct your structure so your posture will stay up straight ALL BY ITSELF.

If you are impatient like me you want to lean the First Rib Maneuver™ NOW you can call 203 366-2746 and have it taught to you over the phone by a live person but it will cost you $77

On the other hand, 15 minutes after we answer the phone YOUR shoulders will not slump forward when you relax. If you were standing here right now and have not had the First Rib Maneuver™ done on your body I would bet you triple or nothing on the cost of the entire program that your body will change IMMEDIATELY. Not only that, if you ask your phone teacher nicely, she (maybe he, but rarely) will teach you how to do it to your clients and get a new patient referral before the end of the day doing it. I guess I should change more than that but... I will not.

Why pay $77 when you can get the DVD Free (just pay the postage)? The doc who said this said I could quote him but asked me not to put his name in: After being taught and doing the First Rib Maneuver™ on himself and having his shoulders stay back no matter how much he relaxed, having his breathing improve dramatically and having his face flush because the IMMEDIATE change in chest shape gave his heart more room and increased the volume of blood pumped with each beat of his heart (we have research on that) this doc said, "...this has got to be better than phone sex." (Is that too much? Well, it lets you know how good the First Rib Maneuver™ is.) His teacher was a bit flustered but recovered and told him to buy the whole seminar package if it was so good. He did and saw his practice increase to just over double in the next 6 months.

So, a change that will be better for your body than… and a way to ethically increase your practice by consistently getting better results AND, a chance to have your teacher bug you to get the entire program package today.

$77 to learn it right now live at 203 366-2746 and we will discount the entire package by that much if you get it today or just get the Free DVD (no sex on it :) just a super effective, consistent and predictable way of accomplishing the changes your patients are paying you for. You do not have to buy the whole program just to learn the First Rib Maneuver™ but you loose the $77 discount if you do not get it today.

If you do not get Advanced BioStructural Correction™ for the reason that is the best method of structural correction, actually the only method of structural correction that claims consistent and predictable changes, then get it for the reason that it makes you more money while getting your patients healthier by making more correction to your clients than anything else in structural healthcare.

There is a reason no one else out there is claiming consistent and predictable changes in bodies. It does not happen with anything but Advanced BioStructural Correctionclick here to order now

For actually making the changes everyone else just talks about,

Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz

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