Monday, October 8, 2007

Now this was/is a very interesting question

Sitting watching the Yankee game last night at Dr. S's (they finally got into gear and won one), his wife Sue asked a very interesting question:

I have not asked Dr. S if I could use his name, until I do that will be his identifier.

A bit of background, Dr. S was brought to me 4+ years ago by his friend, another Advanced BioStructural Correction™ doc, who had large concerns over Dr. S's body condition.

Dr. S has been consistently and predictably getting better and better though he had a long period of stuckness and symptomatic distress and never quite "got there" as far as what Advanced BioStructural Correction™ should have been doing for him.

Well, last November (11 months ago) he finally got rid of the memory foam-type mattress and got the hardest one he could find. Within days his body started making changes that I had told him were coming but that would not happen quickly if he kept resetting his body.

This is a chiropractor who practiced and got treated for 25 years and never had a full asymptomatic day since before Chiropractic school.

The speed of the changes from that point were pretty astonishing to me as well as him. Within a month he came in and complained to me that I had not beat him up into getting a much harder bed from the beginning -- I did but that is another story.

After about 6 months of some nasty unwinding culminated with a treatment about a month ago where he laid there and told me his entire body just made a huge change and he was very different. He has been almost asymptomatic since then.

In his words, when I need to get treated I know it but it does not hurt or bother me significantly.

Back to the question:

Dr. S had made that comment to me after we exchanged treatments last night. His wife noted he was quite a bit neurotic about his body. Dr. S protested and asked her if he had made any comments about his body that week besides that one.

She admitted that he had not but she never remembers a week without 5 or 6 days of body comments in over 20 years of marriage.

She then looked at me and asked: Are all chiropractors this neurotic about their bodies?

I never really considered that question before so that set me to thinking. The considered answer to that question is a bit more involved than one might think; the answer is:

For the most part they are since they know they should have results with their body that they are not getting. The ones who are not so neurotic are mostly in apathy about their bodies' being able to ever get as good as the docs know it should be. They have just given up.

Not only that, in my experience it goes across all bodywork professions.

After saying that Sue immediately said, "Oh, that's like (doc's name). She was to the point she had given up on her body ever being in good condition until Dr. S started treating her with Advanced BioStructural Correction™. Now she is so much better she is getting the Advanced BioStructural Correction™ Home Study Program and getting excited about being a chiropractor again.

So, if you are on the fence about getting the Advanced BioStructural Correction™ Home Study Seminar because nothing has worked with your body, jump and get it. Your body will start getting as well as you know it should be getting.

Dr. J

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